Exodus 5:7
straw: The straw was mixed with clay, in order to make the bricks. This is expressly affirmed by Philo - vit. Mos. who was himself a native of Alexandria, in Egypt. He says, describing the oppression of the Israelites, that some were obliged to work in clay, and others to gather straw for the formation of bricks, πλινθου γαρ αχυρα δεσμος, because straw is the binding of the brick. Philo's account is confirmed by Dr. Shaw, who says that "some of the Egyptian pyramids are made of brick, the composition whereof is only a mixture of clay, mud, and straw, slightly blended and kneaded together, and afterwards baked in the sun. The straw, which keeps the bricks together, and still preserves its original colour, seems to be a proof that these bricks were never burnt or made in kilns." The same materials are now used for building in Egypt. Mr. Baumgarten says, "The houses are for the most part of bricks that are only hardened by the heat of the sun, and mixed with straw to make them firm." Gen 24:25, Jdg 19:19 Reciprocal: Gen 11:3 - brick Exo 1:14 - was with rigour Exo 18:11 - in the thing Neh 9:10 - they Psa 129:1 - have they