Exodus 5:6
taskmasters: Nogesim, literally, exactors, oppressors. These taskmasters were Egyptians - Exo 1:11, but the officers were Hebrews. Exo 5:14. Exo 5:10, Exo 5:13, Exo 5:15, Exo 5:19, Exo 1:11, Pro 12:10 officers: Shoterim, from the Arabic saytara, to overlook, superintend, seems to denote, as musaytar in Arabic also does, overseers, superintendents. They may have been somewhat like the chiefs of trades, who are found in every city in the East; where every trade has a head, who is entrusted with authority over them, and is in some measure answerable for them to Government. Compare Exo 2:14. Num 11:16, Deu 1:15, Deu 16:18, Jos 8:33, Jos 24:1, Jos 24:4, 2Ch 26:11 Reciprocal: 1Ki 13:8 - If Job 3:18 - they