Exodus 35:31
And he: Isa 11:2-5, Isa 28:26, Isa 61:1-3, 1Co 12:4-10, Col 2:3, Jam 1:17 wisdom: Chochmah, (from chacham, to be wise, skilful, prudent), wisdom, denoting the compass of mind and strength of capacity necessary to form a wise man; hence our word wisdom is the power of judging what is wise, or best to be done; from the Saxon wisedom, the doom or judgment of the well taught, wise, or prudent man, from wisan, to teach, advise, and deman, to judge. understanding: Tevoonah, (from boon, to separate, distinguish, discern), understanding, discernment, capacity to comprehend the different parts of a work, how to connect, arrange, etc., in order to make a complete whole. knowledge: Daâth, (from yadâ, to know, be acquainted with), knowledge, or a particular acquaintance with a person or thing, practical, experimental knowledge. Reciprocal: Exo 31:3 - filled Exo 35:35 - he filled 2Pe 3:15 - according