Exodus 34:29
am 2513, bc 1491, An, Ex, Is, 1, Elul Two tables: Exo 32:15 wist: Exo 16:15, Jos 2:4, Jos 8:14, Jdg 16:20, Mar 9:6, Mar 14:40, Luk 2:49, Joh 5:13, Act 12:9, Act 23:5 the skin: Mat 17:2, Luk 9:29, Act 6:15, 2Co 3:7-9, 2Co 3:13, Rev 1:16, Rev 10:1 face shone: As the original word karan, signifies to shine out, or dart forth, as horns on the head of an animal, or rays of light reflected from a polished surface, we may suppose that the heavenly glory which filled the soul of this holy man, darted out from his face in coruscations, in the manner in which light is generally represented. The Vulgate renders it, et ignorabat quod cornuta esset facies sua, "and he did not know that his face was horned;" which version, misunderstood, has induced painters to represent Moses with two very large horns, one proceeding from each temple! Reciprocal: Exo 25:16 - General Exo 31:18 - gave Exo 34:35 - General Deu 10:5 - I turned Ecc 8:1 - a man's Mar 9:2 - transfigured Heb 9:4 - and the