Exodus 30:6
veil: Exo 26:31-35, Exo 40:3, Exo 40:5, Exo 40:26, Mat 27:51, Heb 9:3, Heb 9:4 before the mercy seat that is over the testimony: The words לפני הכפרת אשׁר על העדת, liphney haccapporeth asher al haaiduth, "before the mercy-seat that is over the testimony," are thought to be a repetition of the preceding clause, לפני הפרכת אשׁר על ארן הערת, liphney happarocheth asher al aron haaiduth, "before the vail that is by the ark of the testimony; the word הפרכת , [Strong's H6532], happarocheth, "the vail," being corrupted, by transposing the letters into הכפרת , [Strong's H3727], hacapporeth, "the mercy-seat," and the word ארן, [Strong's H727], aron, "ark," omitted. This repetition, as Dr. Kennicott observes, places the altar of incense before the mercy-seat, and consequently in the Holy of Holies! Now this could not be, as the altar of incense was attended every day, and the Holy of Holies entered only once in the year. The five words which appear to be a repetition are wanting in twenty-six of Kennicott's and Rossi's manuscripts and in the Samaritan Text. Exo 25:21, Exo 25:22, Lev 16:13, 1Ch 28:11, Heb 4:16, Heb 9:5 I will: Exo 30:36, Exo 29:42, Exo 29:43, Num 17:4 Reciprocal: Exo 3:18 - met Exo 16:34 - General Exo 25:16 - General Exo 36:35 - veil of blue Lev 21:23 - go in 1Ki 6:22 - also 1Ch 23:13 - to burn incense Isa 64:5 - meetest