Exodus 30:34
unto thee: Exo 30:23, Exo 25:6, Exo 37:29 stacte: Heb. nataph, The Jews and others suppose it to be what was afterwards called the balm of Jericho, or Gilead. onycha: The word shechaileth is generally allowed to denote onycha (nail-fish, from its form), as it is rendered by the LXX and Vulgate. It is the shell of the purpura, and of the whole class of murex; and serves as the basis of the principal perfumes in India. galbanum: Chelbenah, (probably from chalay, milk or gum, and lavan, white), is the gummy, resinous juice of an umbelliferous plant, the bubon gumniferum of Linneus, growing in Syria, Persia, and Africa. It rises with a ligneous stalk from eight to ten feet, and is garnished with leaves at every joint. The top of the stalk is terminated by an umbel of yellow flowers which are succeeded by oblong channelled seeds, which have a thin membrane or wing on their border. When any part of the plant is broken, there issues out a little thin juice, of a cream colour, of a fat, tough substance, like gum ammoniac, composed of many small, shining grains, of a strong, piercing smell and a sharp, warm taste. frankincense: Lev 2:1, Lev 2:15, Lev 5:11, Lev 24:7, 1Ch 9:29, 1Ch 9:30, Neh 13:5, Son 3:6, Mat 2:11 Reciprocal: Exo 30:7 - sweet incense Exo 31:11 - sweet incense Lev 10:1 - put incense Lev 16:12 - sweet incense Num 4:16 - the sweet Num 7:14 - incense 1Ki 10:10 - spices 1Ch 23:13 - to burn incense 2Ch 9:9 - of spices Psa 141:2 - as incense Ecc 10:1 - the ointment Isa 43:24 - no sweet