Exodus 30:23
thee principal: Exo 37:29, Psa 45:8, Pro 7:17, Son 1:3, Son 1:13, Son 4:14, Jer 6:20, Eze 27:19, Eze 27:22 pure myrrh: Myrrh is a white gum, issuing from the trunk and larger branches of a thorny tree resembling the acacia, growing in Arabia, Egypt, and Abyssinia. Its taste is extremely bitter; but its smell, though strong, is agreeable; and it entered into the composition of the most costly ointments among the ancients. The epithet deror, rendered pure, properly denotes fluid, from the Arabic darra, to flow; by which is meant the finest and most excellent kind, called stacte, which issues of itself from the bark without incision. cinnamon: Kinnamon bosem, odoriferous or spicy cinnamon, is the bark of the canella, a small tree of the size of a willow growing in the island of Ceylon. sweet calamus: Kenaih bosem, calamus aromaticus, or odoriferous cane, is a reed growing in Egypt, Syria, and India, about two feet in height, bearing from the root a knotted stalk, quite round, containing in its cavity a soft white pith. It is said to scent the air while growing; and when cut down, dried, and powdered, makes an ingredient in the richest perfumes. Reciprocal: Exo 25:6 - spices Exo 28:41 - anoint them Exo 29:7 - General Exo 30:34 - unto thee Exo 31:11 - the anointing Exo 35:8 - spices Exo 35:28 - General Exo 40:9 - the anointing oil Lev 8:2 - anointing Lev 8:10 - General Num 4:16 - the anointing Num 7:1 - anointed it 1Ki 1:39 - out 1Ch 9:29 - the frankincense Son 4:6 - the mountain Isa 43:24 - no sweet Mat 2:11 - frankincense Mat 26:7 - very