Exodus 19:2
Rephidim: Exo 17:1, Exo 17:8 the desert: Mount Sinai, called by the Arabs Jibbel Mousa, the Mountain of Moses, and sometimes by way of eminence, El Tor, the Mount, is a range of mountains in the peninsula formed by the gulfs of the Red Sea. It consists of several peaks, the principal of which are Horeb and Sinai; the former, still called Oreb, being on the west, and the latter, called Tur Sina, on the east, at the foot of which is the convent of St. Catherine. Dr. Shaw conceives that the wilderness of Sinai, properly so called, is that part which is to the eastward of this mount; so that the removal of the Israelites from Rephidim, which was on the West, to the desert of Sinai, was only removing from one part of the mountain to another. camped: Exo 3:1, Exo 3:12, Exo 18:5, Act 7:30, Act 7:38, Gal 4:24 Reciprocal: Num 10:12 - out of the Num 33:14 - Rephidim Num 33:15 - General Deu 1:6 - Ye have Deu 11:29 - General