Exodus 16:31
called the name: Exo 16:15, In consequence of the term manna having been given to a drug which is now much used in England, many persons have ignorantly supposed it to be the same sort of thing as that miraculously sent for the sustenance of the children of Israel in the wilderness. The manna of commerce comes from Calabria and Sicily, where it oozes out of a kind of ash tree, from the end of June to the end of July, and is a thick, clammy, sweet juice, partly drawn from the tree by the rays of the sun, partly by the puncture of insects, and partly by artificial means. The European manna is not so good as the Oriental, which is gathered in Syria, Arabia, and Persia, from the Oriental oak, and from a shrub which is called in Persia teranjabin. and it was: Num 11:6, Num 11:7, Son 2:3 Reciprocal: Lev 2:4 - wafers Num 11:8 - taste of it Num 21:5 - and our soul