Psalm 84:6
Who: Psa 66:10-12, Joh 16:33, Act 14:22, Rom 5:3-5, Rom 8:37, 2Co 4:17, Rev 7:14 Baca: etc. or, mulberry-trees, make him a well, etc. Baca is probably a large shrub, which the Arabs still call baca, (see note on 2Sa 5:23); and this valley, as Celsius observes, seems to be one "embarrassed with (such) bushes and thorns, which could not be passed without labour and tears" - bacah, as 7; MSS, LXX, Aquila, and Vulgate read. 2Sa 5:22-24 the rain: Psa 68:9, 2Ki 3:9-20 filleth: Heb. covereth Reciprocal: 2Ki 3:17 - Ye shall not