Psalm 84:3
Yea: etc. Or, rather, "Even as the sparrow findeth a house, and the swallow (deror, or the ring-dove, according to some, but probably the bird which Forskal mentions among the migratory birds of Alexandria, by the name of dururi) a nest for herself where she may lay her young (so I seek) thine altars, O Jehovah, God of hosts, my King and my God." That is, as nature inclines birds to seek and prepare their nests, so grace has taught me to desire thy altars, and to worship there. sparrow: Psa 90:1, Psa 91:1, Psa 116:7, Mat 8:20, Mat 23:37 Reciprocal: Psa 104:12 - the fowls Luk 9:58 - Foxes