Psalm 78:9
The children: Some think this refers to a defeat of the Ephraimites mentioned in 1Ch 7:20-22, but it probably refers to the conduct and defeat of the ten tribes of which Ephraim was the head. Nothing is recorded in the history of Israel concerning the cowardice of the Ephraimites, as distinct from that of the other tribes: some therefore think, "that the children of Ephraim" is put by a figure of speech for the nation in general. Deu 1:41-44, Jos 17:16-18, 1Sa 4:10, 1Sa 31:1 carrying: Heb. throwing forth turned: Jdg 9:28, Jdg 9:38-40, Luk 22:33 Reciprocal: Jdg 12:4 - fugitives Zec 11:8 - and my Luk 9:62 - No Act 15:38 - who