Psalm 78:47
destroyed: or, killed with hail: Psa 105:32, Psa 105:33, Exo 9:18-34 sycamore: From the value of the sycamore in furnishing wood for various uses, from the grateful shade which its wide spreading branches afforded, and on account of the fruit, which Mr. Maillet says the Egyptians hold in the highest estimation, we may conceive somewhat of the loss they sustained when "their vines were destroyed with hail; and their sycamore trees with frost." See note on 1Ch 27:28. frost: or, great hailstones Reciprocal: Exo 9:23 - and hail 2Ch 9:27 - the sycamore Job 37:10 - General Psa 147:17 - casteth Rev 8:7 - hail