Psalm 78:46
gave also: Psa 105:34, Psa 105:35, Exo 10:12-15, Joe 1:4-7, Joe 2:25, Amo 7:1, Amo 7:2, Rev 9:2-11 the caterpillar: Chosal, from chasal, to consume, eat up, is rendered βρουξοϚ or βρουχος by the LXX, in 2Ch 6:28, and Aquila here, and also the Vulgate in Chron. and Isa 33:4 and Jerome here, bruchus, the chaffer, which every one knows to be a great devourer of the leaves of trees. The Syriac in Joe 1:4; Joe 2:25, renders it tzartzooro, which Michaelis, from the Arabic tzartzar, a cricket, interprets the mole-cricket, which in its grub state is also very destructive to corn, grass, and other vegetables, by cankering the roots on which it feeds. Reciprocal: Exo 10:14 - the locusts Exo 10:15 - did eat Hag 2:17 - in all