Psalm 119:85
The proud: This metaphor is taken from the mode in which wild beasts are caught in the East: deep pits are dug in the earth, and slightly covered over with reeds, turf, etc., so as not to be discerned from the solid ground; and the animals attempting to walk over them, the surface breaks, they fall in, and are taken alive. Thus the Psalmist's enemies employed craft as well as power in order to effect his ruin. Psa 119:78, Psa 7:15, Psa 35:7, Psa 36:11, Pro 16:27, Jer 18:20 which: Psa 58:1, Psa 58:2 Reciprocal: Exo 21:33 - General Psa 10:2 - The wicked Psa 86:14 - O God Psa 119:95 - wicked Psa 119:110 - wicked Psa 140:5 - The proud