Psalm 119:83
like a bottle in the smoke: As the bottles in the East are made of skin, it is evident that one of these hung up in the smoke must soon be parched, shrivelled up, lose all its strength, and become unsightly and useless. Thus the Psalmist appeared to himself to have become useless and despicable, through the exhausted state of his body and mind, by long bodily afflictions and mental distress. Psa 22:15, Psa 102:3, Psa 102:4, Job 30:30 yet do I: Psa 119:16, Psa 119:61, Psa 119:176 Reciprocal: Jos 9:4 - wine bottles Psa 31:12 - a broken vessel Psa 119:109 - yet do I not Lam 4:8 - their skin Lam 5:10 - skin Joe 2:6 - all Mat 9:17 - old Mar 2:22 - bottles Luk 5:37 - old Heb 12:5 - ye have forgotten