Job 38:26
To cause: It is well known that rain falls copiously in thunder storms. The flash is first seen, the clap is next heard, and last the rain descends; though in fact they all take place at the same time. The lightning traverses all space in no perceivable succession of time. Sound is propagated at the rate of 1,142 feet in a second. Rain travels still more slowly, and will be seen sooner or later according to the weight of the drops, and the distance of the cloud. Now as water is composed of two elastic airs or gases, called oxygen and hydrogen, in the proportion of 88+ of the former and 11, 3/4 of the latter in 100 parts, the electric spark, or matter of lightning, passing through the atmosphere, ignites and decomposes those gases, which explode; and the water falls down in the form of rain. This explosion, as well as the rushing in of the circumambient air to restore the equilibrium, will account for the clap and peal; and thus by the lightning of thunder God causes it to rain on the earth. on the wilderness: Psa 104:10-14, Psa 107:35, Psa 147:8, Psa 147:9, Isa 35:1, Isa 35:2, Isa 41:18, Isa 41:19, Isa 43:19, Isa 43:20, Jer 14:22, Heb 6:7, Heb 6:8 Reciprocal: Gen 2:5 - had not Job 5:10 - fields Job 36:31 - he giveth Job 37:13 - for his Psa 65:12 - drop Psa 135:7 - he maketh lightnings Pro 3:20 - the clouds Act 14:17 - and gave