Ezra 3:2
Jeshua: Hag 1:1, Hag 1:12, Hag 1:14, Hag 2:2-4, Zec 3:1, Zec 3:8, Zec 6:11, Joshua the son of Josedech. Zerubbabel: Ezr 2:2, 1Ch 3:17, 1Ch 3:19, Hag 2:21, Hag 2:23, Zec 4:6-10, Mat 1:12, Mat 1:13, Luk 3:27, Zorobabel, Salathiel as it is written: Exo 20:24, Exo 20:25, Num 28:3-31, Deu 12:5-7, 2Ch 6:6, Psa 78:68, Bp. Patrick observes, that before the temple was built, there seems to have been a tabernacle pitched for Divine service, as was in David's time, not on mount Moriah, but mount Sion, to be used while the temple was building. Let us learn hence to begin with God, and to do what we can in the worship of God, when we cannot do what we would. They could not immediately have a temple, but they would not be without an altar. Wherever a Christian goes, if he carry not with him the sacrifices of prayer and praise, he is wanting in his duty; for he has an altar ever ready that sanctifies both the gift and the giver. Reciprocal: Ezr 3:8 - Zerubbabel Ezr 4:2 - Zerubbabel Ezr 5:2 - rose up Ezr 10:18 - Jeshua Neh 12:7 - of Jeshua Isa 27:9 - when Hag 2:14 - and that