Ezra 3:13
So that: This sight must have been very affecting; a whole people, one part weeping aloud with sorrow, the other shouting aloud for joy; and on the same occasion too, in which both sides felt an equal interest. The prophet Haggai - Hag 2:1-9 comforted them on this occasion, by assuring them that the glory of this latter house should exceed that of the former, because the Lord would come to this temple, and fill it with His glory. the noise: Jdg 2:5 shouted: Neh 12:43, Psa 5:11, Jer 33:11, Zec 4:7, Luk 19:37-40 and the noise: Exo 32:17, Exo 32:18, 1Sa 4:5, 1Ki 1:40, 1Ki 1:45, Psa 100:1, Psa 100:2 Reciprocal: 2Ch 20:19 - a loud Jer 50:4 - going Zec 4:10 - despised Mat 28:8 - with Act 16:25 - and the