2 Chronicles 31:5
as soon: 2Ch 24:10, 2Ch 24:11, Exo 35:5, Exo 35:20-29, Exo 36:5, Exo 36:6, 2Co 8:2-5 came abroad: Heb. brake forth, the first fruits, Exo 22:29, Exo 23:19, Exo 34:22, Exo 34:26, Num 18:12, Neh 10:35-39, Neh 12:44, Neh 13:12, Neh 13:31, Pro 3:9, 1Co 15:20, Jam 1:18, Rev 14:4 honey: or, dates, The word devash generally denotes the honey produced by bees; but as we have already observed (on Gen 43:11), the Jewish doctors are of opinion that it here signifies dates, of the fruit of the palm tree; which the Arabians call daboos, and the honey produced from them, dibs. "This liquor," says Dr. Shaw, "which has a more luscious sweetness than honey, is of the consistence of a thin syrup, but quickly grows tart and ropy, acquiring an intoxicating quality, and giving by distillation an agreeable spirit, or araky, according to the general name of these people for all hot liquors, extracted by the alembic." Though Jehovah forbad any devash, or honey, to offered to him upon the altar, yet it appears it might be presented as first-fruits, or in the way of tithes, which were designed for the sustenance of the priests. Reciprocal: Gen 14:20 - tithes Lev 2:12 - the oblation Lev 27:30 - General Num 18:21 - the tenth Deu 26:2 - That thou shalt 1Ch 9:26 - chambers Neh 12:47 - gave Mar 12:44 - cast in of Luk 11:42 - and not