2 Chronicles 25:3
am 3166, bc 838 Now it came: 2Ki 14:5-22 established to him: Heb. confirmed upon him he slew: 2Ch 24:25, 2Ch 24:26, Gen 9:5, Gen 9:6, Exo 21:14, Num 35:31-33, No doubt those wicked men, Jozachar and Jehozabad, who murdered his father, had considerable influence; and therefore he found it dangerous to bring them to justice, till he was assured of the loyalty of his other officers: when this was clear, he called them to an account, and justly put them to death for treason and murder; for, if even these conspirators against Joash intended to avenge upon him the death of Zechariah, they acted without a commission from that God "to whom vengeance belongeth. Reciprocal: 2Ki 14:3 - he did