2 Chronicles 2:8
Send me also: 1Ki 5:6 algum trees: or, algummim, Called in the parallel passage, by a transposition of letters, almuggim, or "almug-trees;" which is rendered by the Vulgate, ligna thyina, the thya or lignum vite wood. Theophrastus say that "the thyon of thya tree grows near the temple of Jupiter Ammon (in Africa), and in the Cyrenaica; that it resembles the cypress in its boughs, leaves, stalk, and fruit; and that its wood (from its close texture) never rots." The LXX render here πευκινα; and Josephus calls it ξυλα πευκινα, torch or pine-trees; but cautions us against supposing that the wood was like what was known in his time by that name; for these "were to the sight like the wood of the fig-tree, but more white and shining." The Syriac version has kaiso dekeėsotho, probably cypress wood; and Dr. Shaw supposes it denotes the cypress. Several critics understand it to mean gummy wood; and Celsius queries whether it may not be the sandal-tree, as the Rabbins and Dr. Geddes suppose. 1Ki 10:11, almug-trees Reciprocal: 1Ki 9:11 - Now Hiram 1Ch 14:1 - and timber Son 1:17 - beams Amo 1:9 - brotherly covenant Hag 1:8 - to Rev 18:12 - thyine