2 Chronicles 18:24
Behold: Isa 26:11, Jer 28:16-17, Jer 29:21-22, Jer 29:32 into an inner chamber: or, from chamber to chamber, Heb. into a chamber in a chamber. "In one of the halls of the seraglio at Constantinople," says Deut. Lam. Motraye, "the eunuch made us pass by several little chambers, with doors shut, like the cells of monks or nuns, as far as I could judge by one that another eunuch opened." This exactly corresponds with the idea of a "chamber within a chamber;" and it would appear that Micaiah predicted that Zedekiah should fly for shelter to a Harem, which we have seen was deemed inviolate. - See note on 1Sa 19:16.1Ki 20:30, Isa 26:20 Reciprocal: 1Ki 22:24 - smote Micaiah