2 Chronicles 18:10
horns of iron: Mr. Bruce, in describing the head-dress of the governors of Abyssinia, says, "A large broad fillet was bound upon their forehead, and tied behind their head: in the middle of this was a horn, or conical piece of silver, gilt, about four inches long, much in the shape of our common candle extinguishers. This is called kirn, keren, and is only worn in reviews, or parades after victory." Such, it may be supposed, were the horns of iron which Zedekiah (who appears to have acted the hero returning from a military triumph) made for himself, when he presumed, in the name of Jehovah, to flatter his prince with the promise of victory: "Thus saith the Lord, With these thou shalt push Syria, until they be consumed." Jer 27:2, Jer 28:10-14, Zec 1:18-21, 2Ti 3:8 Thus: Jer 23:17, Jer 23:21, Jer 23:25, Jer 23:31, Jer 28:2-3, Jer 29:21, Eze 13:7, Eze 22:28 they be consumed: Heb. thou consume them Reciprocal: Deu 33:17 - he shall push 2Ch 18:23 - Zedekiah Jer 28:11 - Thus