1 Chronicles 29:28
he died: David at his death had every thing that his heart could wish: "he died in a good old age, full of days, riches, and honour;" having gained more renown than any crowned head ever did. "David," says Dr. Delaney, "was a true believer, a zealous adorer of God, teacher of His law and worship, and inspirer of His praise; a glorious example, a perpetual and inexhaustible fountain of true piety; a consummate and unrivalled hero; a skilful and successful captain; a steady patriot; a wise ruler; a faithful, generous, and magnanimous friend; and what is yet rarer, a no less generous and magnanimous enemy; a true penitent, a divine musician, a sublime poet, and an inspired prophet. By birth a peasant, by merit a prince! In youth a hero, in manhood a monarch, and in age a saint." a good old age: Gen 15:15, Gen 25:8, Job 5:26, Pro 16:31, Act 13:36 full of days: 1Ch 23:1, Gen 35:29, Job 5:26 Reciprocal: 1Ki 1:1 - old 1Ki 2:10 - So David 1Ch 17:11 - when thy Pro 1:1 - Solomon Ecc 6:2 - a man