1 Chronicles 26:1
the divisions: There were four classes of these, each of which belonged to the four gates of the temple, which opened to the four cardinal points of heaven. The eastern gate fell to Shelemiah; the northern to Zechariah - 1Ch 26:14, the southern to Obed-edom - 1Ch 26:15, and the western to Shuppim and Hosah - 1Ch 26:16. These several persons were captains of these porter-bands, or door-keepers, at the different gates. There were probably a thousand men under each of these captains; as we find, from 1Ch 23:5, that their whole number was four thousand. the porters: 1Ch 9:17-27, 1Ch 15:18, 1Ch 15:23, 1Ch 15:24, 2Ch 23:19 Korhites: Num 26:9-11, Psa 44:1, Psa 49:1, *titles Meshelemiah: שׁלמיה [Strong's H8018], Shelemiah, is merely an abbreviation of משׁלמיה [Strong's H4920], Meshelemiah, by the apheresis of מ, mem. 1Ch 26:14, Shelemiah Asaph: This variation arises from the rejection of the word אב [Strong's H1], av, "father," and the mutation of י, yood, into א, aleph; being written in the parallel passages אביסף [Strong's H43], Ebiasaph, and here אסף [Strong's H623], Asaph. 1Ch 6:37, 1Ch 9:19, Ebiasaph Reciprocal: Num 3:18 - General Num 3:19 - General 2Ki 23:4 - the keepers 1Ch 6:39 - Asaph 1Ch 23:6 - courses 1Ch 26:9 - Meshelemiah 2Ch 8:14 - the porters 2Ch 34:13 - porters Ezr 2:42 - the porters Neh 7:45 - The porters Eze 44:11 - having charge