2 Kings 22:1
am 3363-3394, bc 641-610 Josiah: This prince was one of the best, if not the best, of all the Jewish kings since the time of David. He began well, continued well, and ended well. 1Ki 13:2, 2Ch 34:1, 2Ch 34:2-33, Jer 1:2, Zep 1:1, Mat 1:10, Josias eight years old: 2Ki 11:21, 2Ki 21:1, Psa 8:2, Ecc 10:16, Isa 3:4 Boscath: This was a city in the plain country of the tribe of Judah; and is mentioned in the parallel passage along with Lachish and Eglon. Jos 15:39, Bozkath Reciprocal: 1Ch 3:14 - Josiah