2 Kings 14:22
Elath: Elath, the Ala or Elana of the Greek and Roman writers, was a celebrated port situated at the extremity of the eastern branch of the Red Sea, hence called the Elanitic Gulf, ten miles east from Petra, according to Eusebius, and 150; Roman miles from Gaza, according to Pliny, but 1,260 stadia, or 157 miles, according to Strabo and Marcianus Herecleota. It is now called Akaba, and is nothing but a tower or castle, surrounded by a large grove of date trees, the residence of a governor, dependent on him of Grand Cairo. 2Ki 16:6, Deu 2:8, 1Ki 9:26, 2Ch 26:2, Eloth Reciprocal: 2Ch 8:17 - Eloth