2 Samuel 3:34
hands: The hand of malefactors were usually secured with cords, and their feet with fetters; a custom to which David affectingly alludes in his lamentation over the dust of Abner. Thy hands, O Abner, were not bound, as found to be a malefactor, nor thy feet put in fetters; thou was treated with honour by him whose business it was to judge thee, and thy attachment to the house of Saul was esteemed rather generous than culpable: as the best of men may fall, so thou fellest by the sword of treachery, not of justice. Jdg 16:21, Psa 107:10, Psa 107:11 wicked men: Heb. children of iniquity, Job 24:14, Hos 6:9 wept: 2Sa 1:12 Reciprocal: 2Sa 11:21 - Thy servant 2Sa 14:19 - of Joab Eze 32:16 - General