2 Samuel 3:24
What hast: Joab and his brother Abishai, David's nephews, had been very faithful and highly useful to him in his distresses; and, from gratitude and natural affection, he had inadvertently permitted them to assume almost as much ascendancy over him as Abner had over the pusillanimous Ishbosheth: he trusted and feared them too much, and allowed them all the importance they claimed; which had emboldened them, especially Joab, to a high degree of presumption. 2Sa 3:8, 2Sa 3:39, 2Sa 19:5-7, Num 23:11, Joh 18:35 Reciprocal: Gen 3:13 - What 1Sa 13:11 - What hast 2Sa 19:6 - thou regardest Pro 19:10 - much