2 Samuel 3:13
that is: Heb. saying Thou shalt: Gen 43:3, Gen 44:23, Gen 44:26 except: As Michal was not divorced, but violently separated from David, he had a legal right to demand her, and was justified in receiving her again. It is probable, also, that her marriage with Phaltiel was a force upon her inclinations; and whatever affections he might have for her, it was highly criminal for him to take another man's wife. David required Michal probably both out of affection for her, and to strengthen his interest, by asserting his affinity with the house of Saul. Michal: 2Sa 3:20-23, 1Sa 18:20-28, 1Sa 19:11-17, 1Ch 15:29 Reciprocal: Gen 33:10 - I have seen 1Sa 14:49 - name of the firstborn 2Sa 14:24 - let him not