2 Samuel 15:30
the ascent: Zec 14:4, Luk 19:29, Luk 19:37, Luk 21:37, Luk 22:39, Act 1:12 mount Olivet: Mount Olivet, so called from its abounding with olive trees, is situated east of Jerusalem, being separated from it only by the valley of Jehoshaphat and the brook Kidron. Josephus says it is five stadia, i.e., 625 geometrical paces from Jerusalem; and St. Luke - Act 1:12 says it is a Sabbath day's journey, or about eight stadia distant, i.e., to the summit. It forms part of a ridge of limestone hills, extending from north to south for about a mile; and it is described as having three, or, according to others, four summits; the central and highest of which overlooks the whole of the city, over whose streets and walls the eye roves as if in the survey of a model. and wept as he went up: Heb. going up and weeping, Psa 42:3-11, Psa 43:1, Psa 43:2, Psa 43:5, Luk 19:41 his head covered: This custom was only practised by persons in great distress, or when convicted of great crimes. Thus Darius, when informed by Tyriotes, the eunuch, that his queen was dead, and that she had suffered no violence from Alexander, covered his head, and wept a long time; then throwing off the garment that covered him, he thanked the gods for Alexander's moderation and justice. 2Sa 19:4, Est 6:12, Jer 14:3, Jer 14:4 barefoot: Isa 20:2, Isa 20:4, Eze 24:17, Eze 24:23 weeping: Psa 126:5, Psa 126:6, Mat 5:4, Rom 12:15, 1Co 12:26 Reciprocal: Lev 21:10 - uncover 2Sa 15:32 - the top 2Sa 16:1 - little past 2Sa 19:24 - dressed his feet 1Ki 11:7 - the hill Job 9:24 - he covereth Isa 15:5 - with Eze 12:6 - cover Mar 11:1 - at the Act 20:37 - wept 1Co 11:4 - having