Deuteronomy 2:21
great: Deu 2:10, Deu 2:11, Deu 1:28, Deu 3:11 but the Lord: These fragments of ancient history seem to be introduced to encourage the Israelites. If the Lord destroyed these gigantic people before the posterity of Lot and of Esau, what cause had the posterity of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, his chosen servants and friends, to fear the Anakims, or the Canaanites? especially as Israel acted by commission from God, and had his promise as their security of success, and the pledge of it in his presence, and the wonders which he had already wrought for them; and as they were the only nation of worshippers of the Lord, in the ordinances of his institution, which could be found on earth. This is so often repeated to possess the minds of the Israelites with a sense of God's providence, which rules every where; displacing one people, and placing another in their stead; and fixing their bounds also, which they cannot pass without his leave. Deu 2:22, Jdg 11:24, Jer 27:7, Jer 27:8, Hab 1:10, Hab 1:11 Reciprocal: Gen 6:4 - giants Num 13:28 - strong Deu 9:2 - great Jos 11:21 - the Anakims 2Sa 21:16 - of the sons 2Ch 33:9 - the heathen Jer 27:5 - and have